The UK’s Premier Supplier For All Your
Golf And Turf Machinery

Garfitts International ltd is the latest title for the company which was established over 200 years ago under the name Thos Garfitt & son. In that time Garfitts have been famous for the high quality manufacturing capabilities. In the GREAT EXHIBITION of 1857 Garfitts won gold medals for their manufacturing excellence.

In those days their engineering expertise was used to manufacture wear parts for Reaping and Mowing Machines.

Today Garfitts International ltd still lead in the market place for manufacturing, blades, cutting cylinders, bed knives, tines, flails, shear blades and many other types of engineered products for industry. The continued success of the company is down to its ability to change with the times and supply what the market needs, today the demand is for service and quality products at affordable prices.

The present sales catalogue offers in excess of 10,000 lines to the golf and turf machinery business, a one stop call for our customers whom are spread over the surface of the globe. Our catalogue is a must have for every person in the business whether golf club green keeper or trade professional.
For over 200 years this trademark has
been synonymous with quality